Saturday, January 28

Group of protesters call for justice for Amir Locke, leave graffiti on Lake Street – Bring Me The News

A group of around 100 protesters marched through parts of south Minneapolis Friday night in response to the killing of Amir Locke by Minneapolis Police Department.

The group met at around 8 p.m. and made their way along Lake Street in the Lyn-Lake and Uptown areas, and also approached the Minneapolis 5th Police Precinct at 31st and Nicollet.

A handful of commercial properties were tagged with anti-MPD slogans and messages warning of further action akin to the 2020 civil unrest that followed the MPD murder of George Floyd.

There were also tags honoring Locke and Winston Smith – who was killed by police in Uptown last summer – as well as repeated use of the Anarchist “A”, a common symbol of anti-government protest.

Bring Me The News

As the protest made its way along Lake Street, it was reported that a number of retailers had been advised to close for the evening.

Images of the graffiti are appearing on social media and being amplified by far-right commentators, who are drawing a contrast with the truck protests in Canada, where people opposed to COVID vaccine mandates are blockading roads and borders, disrupting trade in the process.

Locke was killed by an MPD SWAT team conducting a search warrant on an apartment at the Bolero Flats in downtown Minneapolis on Feb. 2, as part of a St. Paul Police Department homicide investigation.

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Subsequent information has revealed that Locke was not named on the warrant, the suspect wanted in the homicide was not expected to be in the apartment, and that MPD conducted a no-knock warrant, not announcing themselves prior to entering the apartment.

Locke, a licensed gun owner, was holding a handgun when he was shot, though bodycam footage shows it was pointing towards the ground and not at any officers.

Minneapolis was not the only scene of an Amir Locke protest, with what is believed to be the first protest at Locke’s death reported in Chicago.